February 23, 2000

Federal Court Finds that Auto Wax’s Clay Patents are Valid and Infringed

       Auto Wax Company, Inc. announced today that a federal court in Nashville, Tennessee has entered a judgment stating that Auto Wax's clay patent is valid and enforceable, and that the automobile clay products sold by Texas Quality Car Care & Detail Supplies, Auto Shield International, Inc. and several other entities are covered by the Auto Wax patent. The judgment entered by the federal court orders the defendants to pay Auto Wax $50,000 including $10 per bar of infringing day sold by defendants. In addition, the judgment also enjoins the defendants from selling infringing clay products.

       Auto Wax's President, David Miller, said: 'The judgment entered in this case reflects what we've been saying all along. Our clay patents are valid and enforceable. While we think this litigation could have easily been avoided, we're nevertheless very happy that the judgment confirms our patent rights."

       Auto Wax sells Clay Magic®, the industry's leading surface preparation bar. For more information, contact David Miller.



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