March 15, 2000


Federal Court in Texas Finds that Auto Wax’s Clay Patents are Valid and Infringed

       A second federal court has entered a judgment stating that Auto Wax's clay patent is valid and enforceable (the first federal court to do so was located in Nashville, Tennessee). In the second case, the United States District Court in Dallas, Texas entered a judgment stating that the automobile clay products sold by Auto Shield and Amanda Reed are covered by the Auto Wax patent. The judgment entered by the federal court orders the defendants to pay Auto Wax $50,000 including $10 per bar of infringing clay sold by defendants. In addition, the judgment also enjoins the defendants from selling infringing clay products.

       Auto Wax's President, David Miller, said: "This is the second judgment entered in federal court that confirms that our clay patents are valid and enforceable. Two courts and six companies have now agreed that our patent(s) are valid."

       Auto Wax sells Clay Magic®, the industry's leading surface preparation bar. Auto Wax owns five patents relating to its clay products. Auto Wax also has several other patent applications pending. For more information, contact your Regional Manager.



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