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PRODUCT NAME:  #49-Body Shine®  

#49A-Body Shine®



PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Specialty Items

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  49-Body Shine® is a quick detail product for removing smudges, fingerprints, buffing residue, and light dirt from all paint finishes, chrome, vinyl trim, and glass. Also recommended as the lubricant of choice for Clay Magic®. Great for maintaining a showroom finish on display and final delivery vehicles.

DIRECTIONS:  Mist lightly on a cool surface, then remove with a soft cloth.

ONLINE AVAILABLE SIZE: 16 oz. (additional sizes available through your local Auto Magic® distributor. Call 800-826-0828 or click here for more information)

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Body Shine® can safely be used on all exterior surfaces: paint, clearcoats, rims, chrome, glass, or plexiglass.

RECOMMENDED USE: Mist Body Shine® on a cool surface and towel dry.

ADDITIONAL USES: Body Shine® works great to help keep polishes "wet" while buffing. Mist Body Shine® on the paint as you polish with wool or foam pads. Mist Body Shine® around body panel emblems, trunk, door and hood jambs prior to buffing. This will ensure easy clean-up of compounds or polish residues.

HELPFUL TIPS: Always use Body Shine® on cool surfaces. Rotate your towel often. Spray Body Shine® into the Clay Magic® plastic container when storing your clay. This will help to easily remove the clay.

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