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PRODUCT NAME:  #75 White Magic®  

 #75 White Magic® Abrasive Meter

 #75A White Magic® 

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Waxes, Glazes & Compounds

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: White Magic® Pre-Softened Cleaner/Wax combines the cutting power of a polish with the shine and durability of a paste wax. Safe for use on clearcoat and conventional paint finishes. May be applied by hand, orbital buffer, or variable speed polisher. Works well with wool or foam pads.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. For hand application, use a wax applicator in overlapping, circular motions. Allow to haze, then remove with a soft, terry towel. For machine application, apply to a small area and buff, at low to medium rpm, to desired shine. Remove excess with a soft, terry towel.

ONLINE AVAILABLE SIZE: 16 oz. (additional sizes available through your local Auto Magic® distributor. Call 800-826-0828 or click here for more information)

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For use on all types of clearcoat, acrylic, enamel, lacquer, and single-stage paints.

RECOMMENDED USE: Use 1,400 to 2,800 rpm when polishing with a wool pad to remove light to medium scratches. Use 1,200 to 1,600 rpm when finishing with foam pads.

ADDITIONAL USES: White Magic® may be hand or orbital buffed to any new or used vehicle as a final wax after more aggressive polishes.

Always buff with a clean pad and keep the pad as flat as possible on the painted surface. Mist #49-Body Shine® to the surface to increase shine and reduce swirls while buffing. This also aids in quick and easy clean-up. Apply enough product between the pad and the paint to keep it "wet" while buffing.

ABRASIVE METER: The Auto Magic® Abrasive Meter is an exclusive quick reference guide to the aggressive nature of products in the Waxes, Glazes & Compounds category. Products listed in the green area are mostly waxes or sealants and are not aggressive. Products in the yellow area contain mild abrasives. Compounds are the most abrasive and are located in the red zone.

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