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PRODUCT NAME:  #79 Awesome Gloss  

  #79 Awesome Gloss Abrasive Meter

 #79A Awesome Gloss

PRODUCT CATEGORY:  Waxes, Glazes & Compounds

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Awesome Gloss is a non-abrasive, premium polymer which combines superior gloss enhancement with maximum durability. The quick dry formula goes on like a wax, yet lasts like a sealant. May be applied with an orbital buffer or a variable speed polisher with foam pads.

DIRECTIONS:  Shake well. Apply a thin layer of product to a small area and buff, at low rpm, to desired shine. Remove excess with a soft, terry towel.

ONLINE AVAILABLE SIZE: 16 oz. (additional sizes available through your local Auto Magic® distributor. Call 800-826-0828 or click here for more information)

SURFACE APPLICATIONS: For use on all types of clearcoat, acrylic, enamel, lacquer, and other single stage paints.

RECOMMENDED USE: Use as a final step after polishing. Can be applied to new cars. Use 1200-1400 rpms when applying with a foam pad and variable speed polisher.

ADDITIONAL USES: Removes very light surface scratches when used with a foam pad.


HELPFUL TIPS: When buffing, mist #49-Body Shine® onto the paint or spray directly onto the pad to increase the shine and reduce swirls. Additionally, mist #49-Body Shine® on any remaining residue for quick, easy clean-up. Remember to use small amounts of #79 Awesome Gloss when applying.

ABRASIVE METER: The Auto Magic® Abrasive Meter is an exclusive quick reference guide to the aggressive nature of products in the Waxes, Glazes & Compounds category. Products listed in the green area are mostly waxes or sealants and are not aggressive. Products in the yellow area contain mild abrasives. Compounds are the most abrasive and are located in the red zone.

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