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WASH, CLEAN & PREP/ XP Citrus Wheel Cleaner Ready-To-Use  NEW!

727A XP Citrus Wheel Cleaner

XP Citrus Wheel Cleaner RTU
Part #727A


A Professional Wheel & Tire Cleaner

An extra performance, non-acid cleaner designed specifically for use on chrome and clearcoated alloy wheels. Ready-to-use formula needs no diluting. Powerful and natural D-Limonene cuts through brake dust and road grime quickly and rinses easily with no residue. Can also be used on tires, fenderwells, and undercarriages. Formula was thickened to allow the product to “cling” to wheels better than ever! Orange in color with a citrus fragrance. VOC Compliant.
Used by the PROS every day!

Order Size: 16 oz



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