Our Dirty Little Secret!


After you wash your vehicle, "clay" your paint with Clay Magic Detailing Clay. Clay Magic will make your surface smooth as glass and remove harmful surface contaminates such as: industrial fallout, paint overspray, bug residue, bird droppings and other embedded surface dirt. Claying your paint will also make your wax actually last longer too. It's completely safe for all types of vehicles; cars, trucks, cycles, boats and planes. It easy to use and takes only about 15 minutes to clay an entire medium sized car. Don't wash or wax without it!


Here's how to use it:


Step 1. Wash your vehicle with a premium soap such as Auto Magic Wash & Wax or EZ-Suds. Rinse with water. You don't have to dry the vehicle.


Step 2. Spray a clay lubricant such as Body Shine or Clay Lube onto a 3'X3' painted area to be cleaned.


Step 3. Rub the clay bar over the lubricated area in back and forth motions. Do not use the clay without the lubricant. You will actually feel the contamination be removed and pulled from the paint in a couple of passes. Once the surface is smooth, you are finished claying.


Step 4. Wipe the just-clayed area with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. That's it. Enjoy your new thoroughly cleaned and smooth finish!


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