Q. How do I become a distributor?

A. Contact the Zone Manager for your area and they will provide you with all the information needed to become a distributor.


Q. Product Technical Questions

A. Customer Service will assist with any product information.

Q. Are Auto Magic Products available at a retail outlet?

A. No, you must purchase our products through a distributor.

Q. What is the difference between the red, blue and white clay bars?

A. The clay bars essentially do the same the thing. They have two levels of aggressiveness.

  • The red clay bar will leave visible scratches and also dull the clarity of the paint somewhat. When using the red clay, you must follow up with a three-stage buff (compounding, polishing, waxing). Red Clay will remove contaminants quickly and is great in a shop where they know ahead of time that they will be compounding a vehicle.
  • The blue clay bar is less aggressive and doesn’t necessarily require compounding to remove the light scratches left behind by the clay bar. Less is more when using clay bars, only use the red clay bar if you really need to.
  • The white polymer clay bar is similar in aggressiveness with the blue clay bar, but leaves a thin layer of protective polymer behind at the same time. This is great for touch up work or for use on dark cars as it will not dull, but rather, enhance the color of the paint.
Q. Do you have a product to remove dry water stains, bird dropping stains and other stains from my car and leave it looking new?

A. Our Special Cleaner 713 works for these problems.

Q. I have a black car/truck. What’s the best wax to use on it?

A. After thoroughly washing and using the CM2200 clay bar, apply #78 BC-2 to protect the finish, For winter months in areas with snow and salt, apply #15 E-Z Paste Wax after the #78 BC-2 to help protect the finish. Clay and apply products every 60/90 days to keep vehicles looking their best.

Q. How long do your waxes last?

A. Depending on how the weather and how a vehicle is stored, our waxes typically last between 60-90 days.

Q. What products do you suggest using on my new car to keep it showroom clean?



#56 Wash & Wax: Use whenever washing the vehicle CM2200 Blue Clay Magic: Use prior to waxing the vehicle

#49A Body Magic: Use as a lubricant with Clay Magic bar

#69-QT: Use after washing the vehicle between regular waxing.

#78 BC-2 or #73 Banana Magic: Use when waxing the vehicle; with normal driving will last between 6-8 weeks #65 Super Dress-It: Tire dressing


#21 Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner: Use on cloth seats for regular cleaning/stain removal #58 Leather Conditioner: Use to clean leather interiors

#43 Clear Difference: Use to clean glass

#713 Special Cleaner or # 51 Red Hot: Use at various dilutions to clean both interior or exterior surfaces

#39 Stain Guard: Use to protect carpet/cloth interiors against stains

Q. Do you have a product to remove the white marks of finger or handprints left on a car once people touch it with sunscreen on their hands?

A. Our #737 Orange Citrus All Purpose Cleaner works great to remove sunscreen from a car’s surface. It’s highly recommended by our distributors in California and Hawaii.

Q. What’s the difference between #60 XP Cool Blue, #98 XP Renew-It and #61 Xtreme Dress-it?

A. #60 XP Cool Blue is a high viscosity(thick) water based dressing. It has a medium to high gloss and is more concentrated. It has the look of a solvent based dressing when used non-diluted. This is more of a gel than a lotion type dressing.

#61 Xtreme Dress-It is also a high viscosity water based dressing. It is concentrated and has a matte finish when diluted. This can be compared to our #65 Super Dress-It, but is thicker and has a nice fragrance.

 #98 Xp Renew-It is not a dressing, it’s a “lotion”. It is intended to renew a faded bumper and various exterior trim moldings. The advantage for this product is it will penetrate the plastic and last much longer than a dressing. It will also not streak onto window like a dressing when it rains.

Q. I waxed my car with #78 BC-2 and buffed by hand. After a rain, a white residue of wax appeared. What caused this?

A. Sometimes a film residue can be left when removing the wax by hand. This is due to the fact your hand doesn’t apply equal pressure points and all of the product isn’t removed although it appears to be gone. The residue appears when the was dries completely. To remove, simply spray #49 Body Shine on the residue and wipe off with a clean towel. This should remove any remaining residue and give your car the shine you’re looking for.

Q. We have always used a clay bar before waxing any vehicle and were wondering if the clay bar will take off previously applied wax?

A. The clay will remove some of the previously applied wax.

Q. What products do you recommend to maintain a RV?

A. We suggest the following to maintain your RV:

1) Wash with #8B E-Z Clean HD. 4-6 ounces of concentrate in a five gallon wash bucket(will strip light oxidation on some fiberglass and gel coat).

2) Compounding: Use wool cutting pads with either #87 XP Compound or #110 PowerCut Plus

3) Polishing: Use a wool Synthetic Poly Blend pad with either #76 GS-1 or #75 White Magic

4) Waxing: use a foam finishing pad with either #73 Banana Magic or #79 Awesome Gloss

5) Maintenance: Wash with the #8B E-Z Clean. While wet, apply #69-QT Hydro-Shine to revive the shine.

Q. I have two cars kept very clean and both are reasonably new. I would like to maximize the shine without having to work too hard. What do you suggest?

A. We suggest:

1) Wash car thoroughly with #56 Wash-n-Wax.

2) Use CM200 Blue Clay Magic or CM3200 White Clay Magic to prep car’s surface

3) Finish with a coat of either #79 Awesome Gloss or #10-QT Paint Sealant. This can be done by hand or with an orbital polisher. This can be done 2-3 times per year as polymer products have more longevity than wax if applied after claying the car.

4) Use #69-QT Hydro-Shine as a maintenance product between coats of Awesome Gloss or Paint Sealant. It is polymer based and can be easily applied when the car is wet from a car wash. We suggest using this product once a month.

Q. I purchased the fine clay bar and found it’s not cleaning my white cars very well. Before waxing, I still see swirls of dirt. Do you suggest using the medium clay bar to get the dirt out?

A. A medium clay bar may be a better option, however, you may need to use a leveling polish or compound to (such as #87 XP Swirl Remover) to remove any scratches left behind from the clay process. Since the cars are white, the scratches from claying aren’t as apparent as they would be on a darker car. What’s really important is the car being thoroughly washed prior to claying the car to remove heavy contamination.

Where imperfections or contaminants seem to be heavier, claying make have to take place several times. Using #49 Body Shine as a lubricant with a microfiber towel to prep the surface in between passes with the clay bar will also help remove excess dirt, fallout or road grime that will be brought to the surface with drying.

Q. Could you please recommend a good wax for older cars that I can apply by hand?

A. We have several waxes which will work for your application. Here’s our suggestions:

 #78 BC-2: This product is a premium polish & wax in one. It’s mildly abrasive, removes light scratches and swirls. It adds a high-gloss shine as well

 #73 Banana Magic: This product is a final step carnauba cream wax. It contains banana oil which emits a rich banana fragrance.