TruAdvantage™ System

The TruAdvantage™ system is a wall-mounted diluter that significantly improves your detail operations! This dilution system combined with seven ultra-concentrated detailing products will eliminate guesswork, improve your efficiency, and give you a showroom finish every detail.

With just a push of a button, you receive a ready-to-use portion of the product you choose. From cleaners, degreasers, and dressings, TruAdvantage is an easy-to-use alternative to hand-mixing chemicals, helping you to eliminate the guesswork and risk of error associated with dilution ratios.

With an easy initial setup, the TruAdvantage system will accelerate your business’s goals, whether it’s providing the perfect detail and ensuring a returning customer or moving inventory at your dealership.

The TruAdvantage system comes with all seven must-have products for a complete showroom finish of every detail. With multiple uses per product, TruAdvantage offers greatly improved efficiency of your entire detailing process. Plus, since TruAdvantage concentrate products are stored in smaller bottles, your shop can say goodbye to bulky, 55-gallon containers.

Dilutor System Details

The TruAdvantage™ dilution system is an easy-to-install wall-mounted set up that streamlines your dispensing process and saves space.

  • Three dilution box wall mount set up
  • Connected water line that auto dispenses the correct dilution ratio
  • Dispense all seven TruAdvantage™ Concentrates products in small 32 ounce or 1 gallon package size
dilutor box

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How It Works

Implementing the TruAdvantage™ System into your operations is easy and quick! In order to get started, you will need to install the dilution boxes and rack. To make this process extra simple, we have a step by step set-up video for you reference during your installation.

Once installed, you are ready to use all seven ultra-concentrated products to deliver show room results on the vehicles you work on. You can watch our demo video on how each product is best used throughout the detail process.

Step-by-Step Dilution Box Set-Up

TruAdvantage™ Concentrates Demo