Taping to Avoid “Ghost Wax”

Auto Magic “Quick Tips” are tips and tricks of the trade are designed to help ensure quality detailing results

Dressing an Engine

Here’s a quick tip on dressing an engine. Remember…never use solvent-based dressing

BC1 Window Cleaner Quick Tip

The Easiest Clay Bar to Use – Clay Magic Polymer Clay

Clay Magic® Polymer Clay is an advanced clay that contains an embedded polymer that helps to glide the bar over surfaces better than ever. These polymers also add a layer of surface protection and shine to your finish. It’s ideal for use before and between regular wax jobs. Polymer Clay is softer than other clay bars, which makes it easier than ever to mold and form. It removes harmful surface contaminants such as paint overspray, tree sap, bug residue, industrial fallout, bird droppings, and other stubborn dirt. Polymer Clay is safe on all paint, chrome, glass, fiberglass and plastic. It’s also body shop safe.

How to Get the Perfect Finish with Clay Magic Detailing Clay

Get the perfect finish with Clay Magic for your car. Clay Magic detailing clay will remove harmful surface contaminants such as industrial fallout, road grime, paint overspray, bug residue, tree sap mist, bird droppings, and other surface roughness. Claying your car is easy to do and takes just minutes to do. It will leave your paint as smooth as glass and make your wax job last longer. Don’t wax over the dirt! It will give your car the perfect finish every time. Used by detailing pros every day around the globe.

Cool Dress-It Video

Introducing NEW Cool Dress-It® water-based silicone dressing! Cool Dress-It® is great for exterior and interior surfaces, such as tires and rubber moldings and can be diluted for use on upholstery, dashboards, air vents and more – restoring the original luster of your vehicle. This dressing is stain resistant and VOC compliant.

Ceramic Magic SiO2 Spray

Ceramic Magic™ is a fast-applying, highly hydrophobic ceramic spray for use on exterior painted surfaces. Provides a protective and long-lasting finish to exterior painted surfaces. Nonabrasive. Easy to use; just apply a small amount to the surface, wipe on, wipe off.

Auto Magic’s Swirl Free System

A system designed for the professional reconditioning experts to help eliminate swirl marks and to restore and recondition automotive paint to show room condition. Used with dual action polishers, the two-step system utilizes XP Magic Cut and White Magic to achieve outstanding results.

Auto Magic Headlight Restoration Kit

Get crystal clear results up to 5 times faster with Auto Magic’s Headlight Restoration Kit. Restores yellowed and foggy headlights up to original OEM specifications, leaving a long-lasting protective coating. Ultra-fast 3-4-minute cure in UV light or sunlight. Individual kits contain all the materials and supplies to restore 12 cars / 24 headlights — no special tools required.

Wheel Magic

Wheel Magic™ effectively cleans road film and brake dust from wheels with factory sealed metal rims to restore wheels to like-new condition. Foaming action quickly penetrates and removes dirt and brake dust. Body shop safe and VOC compliant. Acid-free. DIRECTIONS Wheel Magic is ready to use. Spray directly on cool wheels. Agitate lightly with a wash mitt or soft brush, then rinse with high pressure water. Reapply if necessary. For stubborn brake dust/dirt allow Wheel Magic to dwell on wheel for 5 minutes. Do not apply to uncoated magnesium, aluminum wheels, or plastic wheel covers.

PC1 1-2-3 Paint Correction System Overview

Auto Magic 6 Stages of Reconditioning

Every day, automotive detailers face challenging detailing problems-and their customers demand perfection. That’s why Auto Magic created the 6 Stages of Reconditioning training program, to help detailers with those tough problems and return automobiles to a like-new appearance every time.

From the makers of Auto Magic, Body Magic, and Clay Magic products, Auto Wax Company is featured on ION television’s “Worlds Greatest!..” Since 1960, Auto Wax is a leading manufacturer of professional car care auto detailing products, service, and solutions.

Poly Magic Polymer Protectant

Poly Magic Polymer Protective Coating can be used on wet or dry exterior surfaces and provides a long-lasting shine to clearcoats and plastic surfaces. Enhances rubber side molding and trim, without blushing or whitening. Formulated to be static resistant and provides UV protection. VOC compliant formula.

The Detailing Clay Bar Story – Clay Magic Detailing Clay

The origins of the auto detailing clay bar. Learn how and why detailing clay was invented. Learn more about the original patented clay bar, Clay Magic and how easy it is to use.